Air Canada Flight 78 was a scheduled domestic passenger flight from Calgary International Airport in Calgary, Alberta to Berlin Tegel Airport in Berlin, Germany. On November 8, 2003, the Airbus A319LR suffered an engine burnout and crashed into a field in Ireland. All 99 passengers were killed.



The Air Canada Flight 78 was an Airbus A319LR (registration C-FHFR). The aircraft was built and had its first flight in 1980. The crew consisted of pilot Arnie Douglas, First Officer Donald Mortise, and flight attendants Melissa Greenhill, Diana Case, Jean Yancey, David McGill, Lucy Goodwin, and Susan Valentino.

Some of the passengers were holidaymakers from Germany, some of them were businesspeople, one of them included famous euro pop singer VillaMango.


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Country Total
Canada 26
Germany 17
France 3
Mozambique 7
Sudan 4
Indonesia 8
Estonia 4
Mexico 10
Thailand 5
Bosnia 12
Peru 3
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