American Airlines Flight 58 was a scheduled domestic passenger flight from Burlington International Airport in Burlington, Vermont to LaGuardia Airport in Queens, New York. On October 31, 2004, the Boeing 737-600 suffered a loss on control and crashed into a field in New Hampshire. All 68 passengers on board were killed.



The American Airlines Flight 58 was a Boeing 737-600 (registration N3839). The aircraft was built and had its first flight in 1992. The crew consisted of pilot Greg Cohangey, First Officer Thomas Brubaker, and flight attendants Donna Campbell, Kimberly Dixon, Andrew Hill, Richard Mayhew, Maria Thompson, Laura Mixon, Alfred Boletto, Robert Pritchard, and Presley Sciotto. The aircraft had a capacity of 171 passengers, but with 57 passengers on October 31, the load factor was 57 percent. American Airlines said that Sundays were the least-traveled day of the week, with the same load factor seen on Fridays in the previous four months for Flight 58.


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Country Total
United States 30
New Zealand 2
Denmark 4
Guam 5
Finland 1
Italy 7
Paraguay 3
Jamaica 4
Luxembourg 3
Andorra 8
Lesotho 1
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