Frontier Airlines Flight 13 was a scheduled domestic passenger flight from Palm Beach International Airport in West Palm Beach, Florida to Girona-Costa Brava Airport in Girona, Spain. On June 13, 2014, the Boeing 717-200 was hijacked by a Serbian terrorist group called "The Night Stalkers" and crashed into a field in Burgos, Spain, killing all 53 people on-board. The crash remains the deadliest plane crash in Spain since Spanair Flight 5022. After the incident, Frontier Airlines announced it would be raising its security.

The Night Stalkers

The Night Stalkers were a terrorist group led by Serbian native Milovan Nestorovski that operated in Saugus, Massachusetts. Nestorovski first came to the United States in 2004.

Nestorovski trained at the CRM Airline Training Center in Scottsdale, Arizona, earning his FAA commercial pilot's certificate in August 2006. He had wanted to be a commercial pilot for Belgrade Nikola Tesla but was rejected when he applied to the civil aviation school in Novi Sad in 1990.

In December 2009, Nestorovski arrived in Miami, joining fellow members Dobroslav Pap and Desimir Hristov, who had been there since October 2009. Soon after arriving, Nestorovski and Pap left for Los Angeles, California, where Pap began training at Encore Flight School.

In January 2010, they relocated to Sandston, Virginia, where they awaited the arrival of the remaining members. One of the members, the female Maja Borisov, arrived on April 20, 2009, with fellow member Brajko Kuzmanovic from Belgrade at Richmond International Airport. They moved into an apartment with Nestorovski and Pap.

On February 21, 2014, Nestorovski rented a room in Flushing, New York, where he stayed with fellow members through the end of March. The 6th member, Stanislav Pejakovski, arrived on April 13, 2014, with two other members, Milan Trkulja and Vikentije Ristovski at John F. Kennedy International Airport from Sombor. They stayed with Nestorovski.


The Frontier Airlines Flight 13 was a Boeing 717-200 (registration M543AA). The aircraft was built and had its first flight in 1999. The flight crew included pilot Drake Herting, First Officer Sergio Espiga, and flight attendants Brandon Wallace, Billie Snyder, Keith Richards, Lawrence Houston, Ashley Houston, and Oliver Turner. The aircraft had a capacity of 201 passengers, but with 36 passengers on June 13, the load factor was 36 percent. Frontier Airlines said that Fridays were the least-traveled day of the week, with the same load factor seen on Tuesdays in the previous three months for Flight 13.

Boarding and departure 

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This is a table of victims who were killed in the crash. 26 victims were from the United States, 1 was from Mexico, 3 were from Canada, 2 were from Japan, 1 was from Ethiopia, and 4 were from the United Kingdom. The victims' names are followed by their age, occupation, and hometown. 

Name Age Occupation Hometown
Drake Herting 57 Pilot Aurora, Colorado
Sergio Espiga 33 First Officer Jalisco, Mexico
Brandon Wallace 44 Flight Attendant Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Billie Snyder 56 Flight Attendant Minneapolis, Minnesota
Keith Richards 27 Flight Attendant Jonesboro, Arkansas
Lawrence Houston 42 Flight Attendant Dayton, Ohio
Ashley Houston 36 Flight Attendant Culver City, California
Oliver Turner 29 Flight Attendant Flushing, New York
Daniel Hayden 32 Mathematician Worcester, Massachusetts
Otis Mendoza 55 Texture artist for Willett Animation Waller, Texas
Peter Madden-Whelan 47 Executive for Purple Flower Records Beaumont, California
Ethan Carmichael 38 Football Coach for McLean High School McLean, Virginia
Ella Bellgrad 30 Owner of The Bellgrad Group Springfield, Oregon
Isaac Robinson 64 Retired military veteran Hungerford, Berkshire, England
Nicholas Donaldson 41 Salesman for Harley-Davidson San Ysidro, California
Milo Kitchener 49 Hairdresser Boston, Massachusetts
Vincent Bailey 67 Pastor for The Five Wells of God Church Topeka, Kansas
Piper Baldwin 40 Consultant for the Markham City Council Markham, Ontario, Canada
Jason Matthias 22 Accountant for Perkins & Co. Eugene, Oregon
Kenneth Wayne 54 Taxi driver Jersey City, New Jersey
Ahemed Yemane 35 Chief secretary for Awash International Bank Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Lewis Wilkinson 29 College graduate Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Tony Nolan 57 Sergeant for the PPD Bangor, Maine
Andrew Shelton 23 Phone operator for Nico Management Anaheim, California
Taylor Mills 39 Valet driver Winchester, Hampshire, England
Marvin Waggner 56 Freelance attorney Dearborn, Michigan
Shokichi Nonomura 61 Snack bar owner Nagasaki, Japan
Kiyo Nonomura 63 Accountant for Nakamura Inc. Tama New Town, Japan
Alan Newmar 45 Supervisor for Coral Springs Institute Coral Springs, Florida
Georgina Burton 29 College graduate Copeland, Cumbria, England
Ben Adelman 42 Cemetery manager Columbia, Missouri
Nathaniel Carter 45 Bouncer for The Trinity Nightclub Whitehaven, Cumberland, England
Bruno Vega 70 Firefighter Reno, Nevada
Howard March 14 High school student Arlington, Virginia
David Lowe 28 School teacher Newtown, Conneticut
Peter Rigel 89 Retired military veteran Fort Hood, Texas
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